Customer Cars   Customer Cars
If you like Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Vintage and Race Cars or Exotics as much as we do, click on the photo to check out some of the exciting, unique, beautiful, fast and wild rides of some of our customers. Be ready for some serious horsepower and awesome custom and restoration work before you click!

Check back every so often as we add more photos of client cars. Enjoy "the show"!
  AFM Round 1   2012 AFM Round 1 - Thunderhill Raceway, May 12-13
A great time at Thunderhill Raceway on May 12 and 13. The weather was nice - not too hot, nor too windy. There were a lot of races, and it was an awesome start to the 2012 season. Riders and team members seemed ready and pumped to be back out on the track. It was fun for me to see many of my friends and meet new folks. This is going to be another great year! Can't wait for the next round in a couple of weeks!
  Supermoto USA Round 1   2012 SM USA Round 1 - Prairie City, April 21-21
Round 1 of Supermoto USA is in the bag. What an action-packed weekend...and pretty hot temps as well. Attendance was great and the racing full of excitement. Not only was there a full schedule of Supermoto races, but Brok also put on TT racing Saturday night on his dirt oval. Thank you to Brok and all the folks that put in many hours of work to make these events happen...and a shout out to the entire "Supermoto USA family". I am so happy Supermoto USA racing season is back! Click on the photo to go to the gallery...and don't forget to check and buy your photos from Tracy Freese and Mike Doran.
  Supermoto USA Round 3   2012 SM USA Round 3 - Virginia City, July 21-22
Round 3 of Supermoto USA in Virginia City was "off the charts". The track was around 65% dirt with a pretty good size jump down the hill and a nice, steep step-up. The dirt was very loose due to its makeup of mostly mining tailings and sandstone. The weather was great and pretty warm and the thunderstorms didn't get to the town until after the event was over. There were many great, exciting and close races and a few pile ups as well; luckily most everybody walked away without major injuries - more or less. Can't wait until the next event in VC!
  AFM Round 7   2012 AFM Round 7 - Thunderhill, October 7
Last round of the AFM in 2012. It was a great another great event. Weather was perfect - not too hot or windy. Races were exciting as usual and Championships were decided. It was great to have one more opportunity to hang out with my AFM friends and enjoy a great day at the track. Thanks for a great season (although I am not even a participant in the races, it was great!). I look forward to AFM 2013...are we there yet?
  2013 Client Track Day   Stiegler Insurance 2013 Client Track Day, Prairie City, March 30
We were so excited to be able to organize a "free" track day for our motorcycle clients. We had 23 clients join us for a fun day at the Flat Track in Prairie City - a great mix of people, including many racers. Brok's Supermoto School provided a great venue with all the bikes and skilled, race-experienced instructors to teach participants how to get the most out of the day. A lunch-time BBQ got everybody replenished for the afternoon sessions where we saw some fun "battles" and riders putting to work the skills acquired earlier that day.
  Morris Industries Moto Services   Morris Industries Moto Services
Need help with your motorcycle repair and service - and you live in the Southbay? Contact Jeff to help you out. He offers Supermoto conversions, track day prep, suspension service and adjustments, tire/rim service and truing, chain and gearing changing, electrical repairs, carb adjustments and a whole bunch more. His shop is conveniently located and you contact him at 408-921-7846; or shoot him an email at
  Mammoth Motorsports   Mammoth Motorsports
On the other hand, if you live in the City, Marin County or somewhere in the Northbay, and you need motorcycle service or repair help, I highly recommend my friends at Mammoth Motorsports. Not only are they very nice folks, run an awesome shop - they even have a dyno, if you really want to get your bike running optimally - but they also participate and support all kinds of motorcycle racing! They are right of 101 in Rohnert Park. Check out their website where they offer a ton of great motorcycle gear and accessories at Mammoth Motorsports.
  Brok's Supermoto and Dirt Track Schools   Brok's Supermoto and Dirt Track Schools
Supermoto USA and the associated Supermoto and Dirt Track schools are all dear to me. Brok McAllister is a stand-up guy and fast racer, rider and teacher. I've attended many of his schools and events, and I've learned a lot from his an his quality staff (most of whom are fast racers in various disciplines, includes AMA road racing, flat track and Supermoto). So, if you want to become a better rider and get great value for your riding school dollars, go see him. Here's a link to the Supermoto USA website that gets you school info. Have fun & ride safely!